Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FIV5 Bar

Moon-ing ytd at FIVE, a new drinking hole at Hitachi Towers which serves really cheap booze!

Chopped off my hair at BenBen's uncle hair salon 2weeks back. Still so short~ T.T

Its opened by BenBen's boss+colleagues, and when i was there ytd, it was streaming with bankers, brokers, ang mos, laywers and darn hot OLs.

FIVE was featured on last week's 8-Days but seriously, you don't need any advertisement if you are serving cheap SGD5+ booze all night long!

You can get Asahi Draft beer, house pours, red and white wine for only SGD5.88 including GST per glass! Holy Sh*t. Now you know where to go for your new drinking hole...

Met 2 new babes doing promo for another brand too. We din get to exchange tel nos cuz we all don't have our cells with us. Haha, but they're darn funny cuz we were all bitching about their evil fat boss, who was standing right behind us. Kekeke!

Thanks to Sal again!

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