Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year babes!!!


Wishing all of you the best of health, more wealth and have a prosperous fat rabbit year ahead!

Had a long CNY holiday, but of course it could be longer!

Love all the delicious food whipped up by Ah Yi dearest!


Hope you guys won lotsa $$$ during the festive season!

And of cuz get a great looking hunk this year too! Muahahahah!

All the best in this rabbit year babes! (keke, taken after my photoshoot. I think i q like the curls man.)

Ok, and i promise to blog more this year too ok! *Lurvessss*

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PFC Annual Dinner

The annual D&D for PFC aka Premier Football Club, the club where these football fanatics meet every Saturday afternoon to compete with other ah-siao football fanatics in their football league.

Ok, but i genuinely salute them for their passion to do that. And i secretly hope some of them will consider joining cheerleading cuz i can see some potentials among them!

Ala-carte dinner at Peach Gardens Restaurant. PFC booked a private room and we filled up 3 tables. Too bad no KTV only!

Well anyway, this year was my first year to join them in their annual D&D (w/o the dancing part).

Our greedy table, but not as greedy as the tables next to ours. The food never stops coming!

Peach Garden Restaurant serves Chinese crusine. I would say food is pretty decent! If i rmbed correctly its about S$40 over +++ per pax. I think they have some credit card offers, so you might want to check it out.

We ordered 3 soon hocks just for our table. Kekeke!

The WAGs who were present that night are Yours Truly, Veron, Jolene, Jiahui and Minmin. (Kimmy-mimi, Del, Wuinne and Sarah WILL join next yr).

PFC Founder Derrick and PFC meimei Veron!

Ok, now u know why we call Veron meimei. Kekekkeke, she's a size UK4 i think! Or maybe UK2? Daniel is a giant!

BenBen in his new Zepia shirt, and me in my old Topshop black dress i bought during a sale.

We even had an achievement award presentation that night! Kimmy-mimi received the "WAG Award"! Coolness!

Benben received the "Most Improvement" award. Meaning he was lousier last year and this year played slightly better. Muahahahh!

SW received 2 awards i guess? And see all the boys so happy for him!

Jojo sat next to moi that night!

Meimei sat opposite me so i could gawk at her the whole night. Look at our Hello Kitty iphone casing! Mine was from Kimmy-mimi!

Giant Daniel in love with the fried rice. I also like to stand next to him cuz my face just looks so much smaller everytime.

Happy PFC family!

After our sumptuous dinner we hung around in circles again to think of where to chill out.

SW is grabbing my bf with lurve. @.@

BenBen and moi!

Melvin meow meow and Benben!

Didi looks grumpy with his award in hand. Haha!

Yours Truly in the new pair of sky-high heels that was a steal from City Plaza. Only S$16! [Note to self: Bloody hell, never ever wear this pair to club.]

The happy boys! Thank you SG for always fetching us home. Oh, and Melvin too, and Jo/Cai too, and JF too! I hope u guys can all strike 4D and upgrade to 7-seater SUV soon! heeheheh!
More boys.
Benben and I again, in case you missed the previous photo.

We headed to OverEasy after dinner to chill. Great retreat for all that night =)
Hope PFC can win more matches in the next season! Jiayou! (dun always be the last la ok) Muahahahah!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ginvera Green Tea to Feed my Skin!

It's sharing-good-products-on-Regine's-blog time!

To all green tea lovers, you can now slap green tea flavoured products onto you face! Anti-oxidising and whitening effects can be achieved, both at the same time now!

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel. Rub your sorrows away!

Finally, this new Ginvera version comes with whitening effects! I have been using the old version for the longest time. Was in blue packaging last time. But i super heart this new Green Tea Marvel Gel version!

I love to use it when i just step out from my shower, when the pores on my face are still open.

Just squeeze about 3cm length of the Marvel Gel on your palm, rub on your face using 3 fingers from each hand in circular motion, and see instant results!

I'm not going to scare you with my bare face, so i'm going to show you the "instant results" with the back of my hand. Kekeke!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel liquefies to a gentle gel upon rubbing in circular motion.

In less than 15seconds, you can see disgusting dirt appear on your face like these! Ewwwww, now you know how much dirt and dust our face gets exposed to.

I will use the Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel once or twice every week, everytime when i just step out of my shower. The gel feels cooling on my face and i do see a slight difference, as my face becomes more radiant. I think it might be because i rub it in a circular motion, which actually improves blood circulation.

I've also tried using it as a make-up remover, but i will not recommend it as i think it might not be clean enough. Just use your normal remover and you can double cleanse using the Marvel Gel. =)
Final result is clean and clear skin!

Next up, new product (for me), is the Ginvera Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away!

I'm excited to try this, because its my first dark eye circles essence to come in a roller form!

Ok, frankly speaking i know its sposed to be green tea, but the crystal clear green application just look so much like jade which makes me believe its the real thing!

Is this cool or what!

I own so many eye creams but i am always too lazy to use them every night. I just hated how those creams are designed. They all come in a tub and you have to dig out the cream. Which always result in cream stuck in between my nails. -_-

I think the clever people from Ginvera might have heard us girls scream, that's why they came up with the roller device!

Its so easy to use, just roll it all around your eye socket, two rounds, and ta-dah, let the essence works it's magic while you sleep!

I'd recommend you to leave your tube of Ginvera Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away inside your fridge, so you can have super cold treatment everynight, which just spells "Shiok"!

I don't have much dark eye circles to start with, but i think it's time to look after your delicate areas around your eyes, because dark circles form easily and is really hard to get rid off!

So before you develop BanBan's horrible, permanent dark eye circles, hurry start your save-your-eyes-regime now now now!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clear up your skin with Eucerin

When i was still in Junior College i remembered how miserable i was because i didn't have perfect skin and all my other friends had baby smooth skin. =(

I blamed it to raging hormones, because no matter how many times i wash my face, zits will still come popping out as if its nobody's business.

Den in my early Uni days, a gal pal introduced me this brand of facial wash - Eucerin.

She told me her face was always oily and she had acne-proned skin. She then advised me to use skincare suitable for acne-prone skin.
I remembered i bought my first bottle of Eucerin Cleansing Gel from Watsons at that time.

You can always find a suitable product from Eucerin to suit your skin, whether if you have acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, sagging skin or normal skin.

Eucerin sent me their DermoPURIFYER series for review!
First up, the basic DermoPurifyer Cleanser, to eliminate excess sebum and remove dirt.

Its very much similar to my first Eucerin Cleansing Gel, because it also comes out in the form of gel; clear, odourless, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

Upon lathering, it doesn't foam up alot, but it spreads all over your face easily. It doesn't dry up my face after using it too.

Next up, the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Scrub.

Some people might not like to scrub their faces, especially when they are having acne problem. I think the Eucerin Scrub is somewhat the smoothest scrub i ever used. Hahaha! Its s'posed to help reduce blackheads, but maybe cuz my blackheads are too stubborn, so there weren't any much difference after using for the first time. =P

Nevertheless, i like it that it foams up easily and its gentle to our skin, especially for acne-proned skin. The micro-beads are really fine and smooth!

Last step, the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Creme-Gel.

I don't really use cream or lotion because they are too heavy for my skin. I always use gel whenever available.

The Eucerin Creme-Gel is water-based, oil-free and promises to reduce blemishes and prevents the formation of new ones.

It is also anti-bacterial, non-comedogenic and can be used alongside if you are undergoing any therapy.

You can make Eucerin one of your choices if you are looking for a gentle facial product. I tried using the cleanser 3 times a day and it did not dry up my skin a wee bit. Hehe!

Available in all leading drug stalls and department stores.

  • Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Cleanser (200ml) - S$21.20

  • Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Scrub (100ml) - S$18.60

  • Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Crème Gel (50ml) - S$25.70