Thursday, October 9, 2008

2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix!!!!!!

OK, once and for all, ALL THE PIX OF FORMULA ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Includes the Singtel F1 Race Pre-Party @ White Rabbit Dempsey Road, the Singtel Grid Girls F1 filming for Primetime Singapore and last but not least, on F1 Race Day itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First up! Singtel F1 Race Pre-Partieeeeeee! (luckily it was my recess/break week so i could party without feeling too guilty!)

Singtel held a party in conjunction to the F1 Race just two days before the F1 Race. With free flow food and drinks, of cuz you'll see me!!! Lol. *cheapskate* Of cuz the thing is the Grid Girls have to wear their uniforms that night la... but not a problem at all man... still can party in wadever clothes i m drapped in!

All the Grid Girls were sent to Carrie Models again for make-up and haird0 and in the evening, we were all ferried to Dempsey by the Hippo Bus! Its freaking fun and cute i tell you! Its my first time onboard the Hippo Bus and the other girls and I had sooooo much fun! hahaha, we were practically shouting and had pictures snapped non-stop while the stupid strong wind messed up our hair....

Hop on the Hippo Bus Girls!!!

The Hippo got the girls all hyped up!!! ahhaha!

The wind was insane... my curls became almost straight.. bah~

Everyone's so happy!

Haha, told you we cant stop snapping le!

Haha, i juz wanns show u my hair is in a mess and we went past the bus stop outside Orchard Mrt. lol!

So after like 25mins, we reached White Rabbit @ Dempsey!


It was quite a fun night actually, with Glenn Ong and Jamie Ong as the hosts of the night (haha, got Glenn Ong, Jamie Ong and Ben Ong! lol! Family siaaaa~ *amused*).There were many freebies, free F1 tix, food, alcohol, dancing, picture taking and mingling! And the Grid Girls were allowed to invite one guest to party with us, so of coz i invited my BenBen!!!!

M so happy to have BenBen with me that night. He accompanied me thro' work and fun but actually i only rmb-ed eating alot of satays with him tat night. Haha!

I thk I looked like Ben Ong's Mother that night with my aunty curls...

BenBen's dressed in a hinge of red for the occasion!

Oh, and saw BeL BeL tat night too! Tat gal ah, became prettier since she started her full time job. Some more is PR Manager sia!!!! dam cool la!!!! Fits her perfectly! I miss you leh! Hehe, all in all its a not bad party! Especially aft I went back to Carrie Models tat night and got a surprise from them la! Hahhaa, m actually paid to party! wahahaha! took the $$ and paid for BenBen's and my supper and also repaid Frank for the hotel $$ during the BBK trip tat time. teeheehee...

On the day before the actually Formula One Race, some of the Grid Girls were called to do a short Filming for Primetime Singapore! We needed to report to Carrie Models dam early la... at 5am i thk... and i rmbered working for Amanda the night before, so i only had 3.5hours of sleep... -_- Morning shows are not humane... they make ppl wake up at 4am...

The show was live and filmed at Fullerton Hotel. At least we got to eat their breakfast...

Tats Cheryl, Fadilah and Alexandra preparing to do the interview with the pretty host.

The rest of us are juz needed to be vases/backdrop and only have one line to say infront of the camera. "Good Morning and welcome to Primetime Singapore!" @.@

Pardon my sleepy eyes and sleepy face... Yawnzzz~

This is one of our make-up artist! She's cute!

And one of our hair-stylist too! Thanks for all the hard work gals!

And so...... the long-awaited, much anticipated, overly-rated ( i thk?) event of the year..... Presenting Singapore's First Night Street Race, held by Singtel, the 2008 FORMULA ONE SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX!!!!

On the Hippo again to the F1 Venue!

The Grid Girls worked thro-out the last two days, on Saturday and on Sunday itself. Believe me, its not really a very glam job (at least for me) cuz we had rehearsal under the scorching sun (I was BURNT... which means no more Snow White for me) while holding the very heavy and huge Spain Flag (YES! I was holding ALONSO'S FLAG!!!!) and had to walk like 300m on the track ok! The wind was blowing and i almost got blew off with my flag lo.... hahahahaah!

Janice and I were assigned to Car Number 15, which was Champion Fernando Alonso's vehicle!

BenBen was commenting that I very bimbo cuz i dun even know i was holding a Spain flag until some F1 fan shouted to me I was holding Alonso's flag.... ya la.... bimbo laaaaaa *&@#$%^&^%$

We had upclose encounters with all the racers (Massa is short but friendly, Lewis Hamilton has a flawless face, Kazuki Nakajima is my dream BF and Alonso is very dao~). Actually other than starting off the race, the Grid Girls had to pose as vases/backdrop (AGAIN) and line ourselves on the sides of the red carpet to welcome the racers, Mr. Lee Hsien Long and of cuz, the winners!

Oh, and did i mention that i tout i was going to faint while holding the very heavy Spain Flag during the Finals? The ING team was preparing Alonso's vehicle and the Grid Girls all have to stand stationary on the spot infront of thier assigned vehicle for 50mins.... OMG.... i seriously tout i was going to die.... den during the 30th min(i thk?) when i wanted to faint liao, i saw Alonso walked next to his vehicle (super close to me!!!! *squeal*) and some reporters came and interviewed and snapped pictures of him... hehehe, den the hiao [read:vain] side of me suddenly became very energetic and hurriedly pose nicer and smile sweeter at the cameras. Hahahhah! I know you wanna box me... lol! super hiao~

Well, dun thk we get to sit at the Grandstand to watch the race... cuz we're not allowed to... we were told to 'hide' in our big white tent the whole time and we only could HEAR the race going... so sad rite... and we're not allowed to bring our cameras out, so we only could take pictures of ourselves... -_- ...but we did caught many glimpse of the vehicles racing throughout the 2 days and also some international stars/artistes!

For the two days in the big white tent, we entertained ourselves by eating, drinking, reading magazines/newspaper, chatting, sleeping and taking lotsa pictures!

Pretty Anna's very entertaining too!

Boy i'm so glad i have them with me!!!

I love you all!!!!

And you...

And you all too!!!

In short, its a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!! Although initially i was clueless about this whole event, I can say it really brought alot of income to Singapore and also that i totally enjoyed the whole thing! Thank you SINGTEL and CARRIE MODELS (esp. Jane) for the wonderful experience!!!!

Last hiao pix with curvy Evangeline to wind up the long post!

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